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Smoby, the number one French toy manufacturer

Smoby kids grow up while playing and creating their own stories. They develop their imagination thanks to their toys. Multispecialist (preschool, role play, dolls & accessories, art & craft, outdoor games, wheeled toys and table football), Smoby’s offer answers as well kids needs as adults ones.

Some of our core brands/licenses:

Plastic toys and furniture

Playhouses, slides, ride-ons and roleplay boys and girls

Kids from 1 to 10

Division Smoby Toys
Werkstraße 1
90765 Fuerth

in Lavans-lès-Saint-Claude, France

Brand Philospophy

Accompany children through each step of their development, offering innovative toys, with fun, educational values and emotion, while helping them to discover the world.

Make products with nice design & modern colours that develop the child imagination without forgetting the ethnical aspect.

SMOBY stands for:

  • Ergonomic toys with lots of entertainment value
    Developed by French designers.
  • Safe play experience
    We use materials that are not hazardous to the health. All products conform to European toy safety regulations.
  • Healthy development
    Through age-appropriate toys that stimulate and help to develop the senses.
  • Excellent workmanship and durability
    Through the use of high-quality materials, combined with the latest production methods.
  • Committed to the environment
    We use recycled material to protect resources. Implementation of a sustainable development policy, in order to reduce the environmental impact for future generations. Work recognizes by the ISO 50001 certification on July, 20th 2015.
The Smoby story
  • 1924: The company is founded in Lavans-les-Saint-Claude, France, under the name Moquin-Breuil, originally specialising in the manufacture of wooden pipes.
  • 1947: After the Second World War the company changes over to the production of plastic household goods.
  • 1978: Renamed Smoby. Start of toy production.
  • 2003-2005: Acquisition of toy companies Lardy, Monneret, Majorette, Solido and Berchet.
  • 2007: Smoby-Majorette starts to incur losses and files for bankruptcy protection. Insolvency proceedings are instituted.
  • 2008: The SIMBA DICKIE GROUP receives the go-ahead to take over parts of the former Smoby SA from the Commercial Court in the Jura. The new Smoby Toys SAS is founded. The company's head office remains in France.
  • 2009: Smoby Toys makes their first appearance at the Nuremberg Toy Fair as a new subsidiary of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP.
  • Today: Smoby Toys is once again one of the leading manufactures in the areas of outdoor, role play, preschool toys and wheeled toys.


Established in Lavans les St Claude, in its historical headquarter, Smoby takes advantage of the plastic manufacturing cradle (guarantee creativity, quality and optimal completion for a full playful comfort). 70% of our production leave our Jurassian manufactures. There, in the idyllic village of Arinthod, the Smoby products are manufactured in one of the Europe's most modern toy factories in an area of 40,000 square meters.


Smoby designs, develops and produces tricycles and strollers for dolls into its Spanish manufacture in Alicante, expert since 1942 in metal, plastic processing and fabric work. This savoir-faire, Smoby refines it thanks to the acquisition of the French tricycle specialist Charton through Berchet in 2005. Now, Smoby tricycles are ingenious and adapted for children needs and parents.