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Jada Toys is a leading manufacturer of authentically licensed and highly stylized figures, die-cast collectibles, radio control vehicles, and toys. Jada works closely with major entertainment and vehicle brands to produce the innovative, patented items that our fans have come to expect.

Some of our core brands/licenses:

Die-cast and radio control vehicles and collectibles

A wide variety of collectibles and toys such as die-cast vehicles, die-cast figures, radio control vehicles, playsets, and more.

Kids and adults from 0 to 65

Jada Toys
938 S. Hatcher Ave
City of Industry, CA 91748

in California

Brand Philospophy

Reflecting the hottest trends in the automotive culture, Jada has revolutionized the die-cast collectible vehicle category by offering an extreme level of detail and styling which appeals to a generation of enthusiasts with hit brands such as DUBCity, BigTime Muscle, Option-D, Hero Patrol, Lopro, Just Trucks, JDM Tuners, and Hyper Spec.

Jada Toys is a pioneer in radio control technology. In 2009, Jada introduced Battle Machines revolutionizing RC play by adding video game like play pattern. Battle Machines combines radio control with laser tag technology bringing a new new level of high speed action to the category. In 2014, Jada introduced HyperChargers which featured an industry first USB charging technology to RC vehicles.

In 2015, Metals Die-Cast became a name synonymous with quality and styling. By obtaining major licenses from Universal, Marvel, Disney, DC, and more, Metals Die-Cast built a huge library of die-cast figures.

Jada Toys, Inc. has become a powerhouse in the toy manufacturing industry by combining hot new licenses with innovative and cutting edge technology. At Jada, we strive to bring our customers teh same fun, high quality products we have been delivering for over a decade.

Jada Toys stands for:

  • Variety – For kids of all ages, for boys and girls; toys and games to entertain and inspire fun play for children and adults.
  • Quality and safety – Product safety is Jada's top priority. All Jada products are tested and continuously pass all federally mandated toy industry standards.
  • Excellent price value – All the individual brands in the Jada portfolio offer outstanding price value for quality.
  • International – Jada boasts global distribution around the world.
The Jada toys story
  • 1999: Jada Toys founded by Jack and May Li. From the beginning, Jada focused on owning the die-cast vehicle category.
  • 2001: Teamed with Dub Magazine to create a line of cars that catered to the urban custom car culture with its unique vehicle styling, custom spinner rims and lowered ride height.
  • 2002: Partnered with another popular magazine in 2002 with Import Racer! to create a new line which catered to Japanese car culture.
  • 2004: Jada took the muscle car genre and injected it with the classic Jada style. This began the era of BigTime Muscle.
  • 2009: Revolutionized the RC category with the introduction of Battle Machines.
  • 2011: Obtained the "Hello Kitty" license paving the way into the girls category.
  • 2012: "Cutie Pops" doll line launches with a multi-million dollar TV promotion which was awarded the brand top selling fashion doll of the year honors.
  • 2014: Added the Fast & Furious license to an already successful die-cast and radio control line up.
  • 2015: Inducted into the Die-Cast Hall of Fame & awarded 'Best Toy' by Universal partnership and Licensing Consumer Products.
  • 2016: Opened new showroom in El Segundo.
  • 2017: Opened new factory in China.
  • 2019: Jada joins Simba Dickie Group at the beginning of 2019.


At Jada Toys we understand the importance of toy safety and make it our priority to produce toys that are not only high quality and fun but exceed industry safety standards. We go to great lengths to ensure that our products meet all legal requirements. All of our testing ensures that our toys meet the highest standard of quality and safety by subjecting all products to a rigorous testing process which includes testing for the presence of lead, drop, sharp points, choking hazards and a host of other standards. We are extremely proud to say that all tested products continuously pass all of the federally mandated toy industry standards. By subjecting all products to a rigorous testing process, we can ensure that all Jada Toys products purchased meet the highest quality and safety industry standards.


Constantly being on the cutting edge of the latest trends and styles of todays toy market. Researching pop culture, gaming and vehicles to bring the hottest properties to the consumer with products that are high in quality, innovative, fun and affordable.