Outdoor toys for the whole family

Garden toys that are fun for everyone. Let the summer begin!

The Simba Dickie Group produces a range of fun summer toys for use in parks and gardens. The high-quality outdoor toys are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and heavy handling. They are perfect for outdoor play and provide guaranteed fun for the whole family.



There’s something happening in the garden! BIG-Aqua-Nauti is a funny octopus from the depths of the ocean who has come to provide much needed refreshment from the summer heat. A must-have toy for guaranteed summer fun! The blue-tentacled octopus has a trick up his sleeve: Depending on the water pressure, his hat rises up to 4 m high, rotates and turns into a fun and refreshing shower. 

Activity Swing

The Activity Swing from BIG can be used in two different ways. As well as sitting on the swing, you can adjust the length of the rope and use your hands to hang from the board and swing back and forth.   The Activity Swing is also easy to mount, and thanks to its extremely durable design, it is even suitable for adults! 


Outdoor toys for the whole familyOutdoor toys for the whole family



AquaPlay’s feature-packed toy waterways provide guaranteed fun for young adventurers, as well as much needed refreshment from the summer heat! The AquaPlay AmphieWorld waterway has a length of 156 cm. It helps to teach your little one about water, and features a reservoir with a lock. It also comes with a practical storage box so that you can take the waterway with you on excursions or on holiday. 


The AdventureLand waterway is an all-new addition to the Aquaplay range, and is guaranteed to make your garden into an adventure wonderland!  The possibilities are endless: navigate through caves and waterfalls and discover secret hiding places!  The feature-packed waterway is designed to teach your little one about water and allows them to experiment and immerse themselves in a fantasy world.  What’s more, all waterway sets can be combined with one another to create your very own water world.

Outdoor toys for the whole familyOutdoor toys for the whole family



Ready, steady, go! Smoby slides are guaranteed to keep your little one entertained. Many of the slides feature a water connection (not suitable for Gardena products) so that you can connect a hose for cooling off in the summer heat. The colourful XL double-wave slide with a length of 2.3 m is perfect for hot summer days. The slide ladders, railings, wide stand and non-slip steps have a secure, stable design.

Playhouses/Chef house

Come in! No garden would be complete without a summer playhouse. Smoby offers a wide range of playhouses in different styles and sizes. The Chef house is a brand new addition to the playhouse range. It combines a restaurant, playhouse, toy kitchen and shop all in one toy! Like other Smoby toys, it has a modern design with intricate details and is perfect for children of all ages. Smoby’s playhouses offer endless possibilities for having fun and help to encourage role play. They are made from UV-resistant plastic, which provides a durable and colourfast design.


Get ready for your first ride on four wheels! The stylish rookie has a stable metal frame, which provides additional stability for your little one. The children’s vehicle helps to improve motor skills. Leg movements help to train manoeuvres such as steering, braking, turning corners and changing direction.  The rookie can be carried with the practical handle, and the ultra-quiet EVA wheels ensure minimal noise during use.


Outdoor toys for the whole familyOutdoor toys for the whole familyOutdoor toys for the whole family

Simba Toys

Squap ball game

This game is all about skill. Best of all: The Squap ball game from Simba Toys is designed for players of all ages and can be played indoors or outdoors. Play on your own against the wall, with a partner or in a group – the possibilities are endless!

Bubble Fun bubble flag

Create all different sizes of bubbles with the Simba Toys bubble flag! Simply hold the flash in the soapy solution provided and wave away to make large, pretty bubbles. The bubble flag makes an ideal birthday gift in summer.

Outdoor toys for the whole familyOutdoor toys for the whole family


Bird and insect houses

Eichhorn’s insect houses are the perfect educational toy. The houses can be left out as is or decorated with the colours provided. They are made from limewood and can be mounted in a wide range of locations for bees, birds or beetles, allowing your little one to observe the busy lives of birds and insects during the summer.

Outdoor ring toss game

A must-have outdoor classic! Eichhorn’s ring toss game is made from premium wood decorated with fresh summer colours. The game can be played alone, with another person or in a group and is suitable for both adults and children. It can also be played indoors during bad weather.

Outdoor toys for the whole familyOutdoor toys for the whole family


Race Shark boats

Watch out! The Race Shark boat is coming!   Thanks to its powerful design with two motors, the racing catamaran can shoot across the water in no time. It also has excellent manoeuvrability, as well as an LED headlight that allows the boat to be used in twilight conditions.  


Outdoor toys for the whole family



Unlike the classic version of the game, this version features flexible balls made from a soft material.   Instead of throwing the balls onto grass or into sand, you can throw them onto benches, steps, shelves and anywhere else you can think of. Each time you have to throw the balls as close as possible to the target ball. For example, you can use the balls to create a treasure hunt and play in a wide range of different terrains. Exercise and fun all in one!

Outdoor toys for the whole family