Jada Toys brings Hollywood to the children’s rooms

Movie-like model cars and figures by Jada Toys on the road to success.

From the Hollywood movies to your own home - the American toy company Jada Toys, Inc. is known for the licensed vehicles and figures in miniature format. Fans young and old can use it to relive exhilarating car races and action-packed stunts from the popular Hollywood movies.

Bill Simons is an experienced toy expert at the helm of the successful company, which was founded in the USA in 1999. He looks back, "We took a different approach and started focusing on licensed custom wheels, body kits, candy paint jobs or lowriders. Our Los Angeles headquarters (see picture on the right) gave our designers the opportunity to be inspired by the car culture trends in Southern California. In 2005, we began transforming famous movie cars and worked to build strategic partnerships with the entertainment industry."

Today, Jada offers hundreds of coveted movie cars in a variety of scales in its programs such as "Hollywood Rides" and "Fast & Furious." Die Jada Modellautos und Figuren sind an mehr als 40.000 Verkaufsstellen weltweit zu finden und wachsen noch immer doppelt so stark wie die Branche.

Jada Toys brings Hollywood to the children’s roomsJada Toys brings Hollywood to the children’s rooms

Diverse assortment offers entertainment and inspiration for children and adults

Jada Toys' product segments include all vehicle categories. From 2004, Jada celebrates success through products from the Radio Control segment, combining license themes with innovative, modern technology. Since then, RC models are already battery-powered and can be charged via USB port. In addition, the wide range consists of die-cast models, pre-school vehicles and die-cast figures. Jada Toys, Inc. became known for its extensive portfolio of licensed products for Fast & Furious, Marvel, DC Comics, Disney and Hello Kitty. Thanks to the variety of themes and different scales - from 1:10 to 1:32 - Jada reaches both children and kidults - adults who have a passion for toys and are willing to invest a lot in them. Very popular with collectors are the attractive four-centimeter-tall nano figures and the ten-centimeter-tall metal figures, which conjure up the flair of Hollywood in any showcase.

Member of the Simba Dickie Group since 2019

With headquarters in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Jada Toys has been part of the Simba Dickie Group since 2019. The goals set three years ago have been achieved: The Simba Dickie Group was able to use Jada's excellent contacts on the American retail and licensing side to build up an important pillar in the American market for the group of companies. In the production area, there are synergies on the part of Jada Toys and Dickie Toys in the joint manufacture of products and the use of technologies.

Jada Toys brings Hollywood to the children’s roomsJada Toys brings Hollywood to the children’s rooms