Company's performance in 2020

Review of the Simba Dickie Group's business development.

The Simba Dickie Group was able to increase its consolidated sales in 2020 by 1.8%, compared to the previous year, to €715m. Consolidated sales 2019 totalled €702.3m. 

In the core market Germany, in the USA and in other important European markets, sales grew compared to the previous year. 

The international share of the Simba Dickie Group's earnings is 75%. The Group's main export destinations in 2020 were once again France, Italy and the USA. 

Overall investment of the Simba Dicke Group in 2020 was roughly €55m.

At the end of 2020, the Simba Dickie Group had 2,950 employees worldwide. 

Company's performance in 2020