Business development 2023 and outlook

Simba Dickie Group publishes data on business development 2023.

As one of the top five toy manufacturers in Europe, the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP is active around the globe with around 2,700 employees. In 2023, the Group recorded a turnover of 675.2 million euros. Founded in 1982 by Fritz and Michael Sieber, the family business has been managed by Florian Sieber as CEO in the third generation since 1 May 2021.


Earnings and financial situation and investments 
The year 2023 was characterised by a number of political and economic challenges. "The difficult overall market situation did not really come as a surprise and was therefore factored into our planning with foresight," explains Florian Sieber.

Product lines that achieved above-average sales growth during the pandemic, such as outdoor items and board games, saw some significant declines in sales. The three most important foreign markets were the USA, France and Belgium.

Manfred Duschl, CFO of the Group, is optimistic about the future: "There may be a slight improvement in economic development in the second half of the year. Against this backdrop, the Simba Dickie Group plans to increase its consolidated total sales in 2024 by approx. 7.3% from EUR 675.2 million to EUR 725.1 million.

Business development 2023 and outlook

Planned investments and measures for 2024 

"For 2024," says Manfred Duschl, "we have set our investment focus on consistently and increasingly investing in tools for new products and product lines as well as in new machines and mechanical equipment to leverage rationalisation potential. In the IT area, the connection of the subsidiary in the USA is on the agenda."

In the construction sector, the company will increasingly and consistently examine the possibilities of using renewable energies at the various locations and begin to implement them.

The Simba Dickie Group's investments in 2023 totalled EUR 40.0 million

Outlook for the year 2024

The new year holds exciting tasks in store. With the acquisition of the Scout, DerDieDas and 4YOU brands from the Steinmann Group, new projects are on the horizon. From 1 May 2024, Undercover will take over the product development, marketing and distribution of the product lines.

Undercover is an expert in the school supplies sector and, in addition to licensed products, carries the Scooli school bag and neoxx school rucksack brands. With the addition to the brand portfolio, Undercover aims to expand its expertise in the specialist retail sector.